Animated Smilies  v.1.0

15 Animated Smilies for your Flash projects:: smile, wonder, angry, fraighten, sleepy, worried, suprised, crying, whistle, sad, laughting, raised eyebrow .

SmartPic  v.3.5j

Refresh your emails with SmartPic! With SmartPic you can include cute little Smilies, animated Cartoons and other images into your emails. Choose between a hundreds of the cutest images and make sending an email an adventure.



Choose from around 2800 smilies and add emotions to your messages. Add emoticons and smileys to your e-mails and Web forum posts, Have fun with your friends and with emoticons that are designed to make your messages special.

Jumping Smiles Screensaver

Do you like ping-pong? Jumping smilies will involve you into the world of the popular game. They are jumping around the screen and interacting each with other like in the old but most popular computer game or "tetris" gamepad.

Smiley Jump Fest  v.

Smiley Jump Fest is an interesting puzzle game for free. Smiley Jump Fest is an exciting clicking frenzy! Click all the smilies of the same color before they jump off the screen. You will need speed and accuracy, but also a good strategy!

Forum Smileys  v.2 1

This is a standalone application that runs on Windows (not a browser toolbar!). It allows you to browse through our huge selection of hundreds of smilies and instantly generate the HTML or BBCODE to insert it into your posts.

Axmate  v.

MSN, Yahoo & ICQ multi IM with P2P search & download from Kazaa, edonkey & more . Many add-ons: fire transfer, sound effects, cool smilies, integration with IE (Internet Explorer) no spyware, fast downloads of mp3, movies. Get fresh news in chat.

Bingos Chat  v.1.6.9

Bingos Chat is a free voice & text chat, IRC client for Local Area Networks. It works without server. It is an ideal solution for small networks. Has support for animated smilies, avatars, files and folders transferring,

SmileyPad  v.2.28

This software allows you to insert animated smilies and emoticons into bulletin boards, Email and MSN messenger using drag-n-drop. It lets you store emoticons from the Internet, preview them and automatically send them to your browser.

Eat It!  v.

You are a hungry smiley that wants to eat enemy smilies. But be carful! If they are bigger than you, they will hurt you. (For further information,

SmartPic 3.5f  v.1.0

Refresh your emails with SmartPic!

SmileText Component  v.1.0.1

Two "views" are possible: ComboBox view and Button (also called "Palette") view, as shown here.

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